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DigiCal is a calendar app that combines a ton of different features into one practical and elegant interface. In fact, you'll find no less than seven different types of calendar views, nine different themes, and up to six widgets in various sizes.

As with other calendar applications, DigiCal offers automatic syncing with Google Calendar and Outlook. Thanks to this, all you have to do is link your Google or Microsoft account to automatically import all the birthdays and other important dates you have scheduled to this application.

Creating a new entry in DigiCal is very simple. Just tap the day you want to create it for and fill in all the info you need. You can also enter the exact time for a reminder or indicate if it's an event that lasts all day, repeats every year, etc.

DigiCal is a splendid calendar app that stands out especially for its incredible customization options. Basically, it's a very interesting alternative to the big calendar apps available on Android.
Microsoft pulls the plug on Sunrise Calendar and migrates features to Outlook

One of the most-used, non-Google Android calendars available has always been Sunrise Calendar, a smart organizer loaded with exclusive features and acquired by Microsoft in February 2015. As usual for this type of acquisition, the company's plans were to shut down the service to integrate its features into its own tool, Outlook. Well, that day has come, and as of Wednesday, Sunrise Calendar will no longer function and will make way for its successor. This makes it an ideal moment to check out the available calendar alternatives for Android.
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